You Spoke, We Listened: Your Feedback Going into RDPSD 2016


We’re Including Your Feedback as we Plan RDPSD 2016

On almost all accounts the inaugural Red Dress Party San Diego was a smashing success. We packed the venue, painted the town red, and raised $8,000 to go toward San Diego HIV/AIDS services. (For more about the fund raise, costs incurred, and so on, click here to read all about it in a previous blog post.)

However, with all this success, we know we can do better. But rather than us solely deciding on what improvements to make, we’ve taken your feedback to heart to help guide us. How? Days after the RDPSD event we sent a survey to all our attendees asking for their feedback. Now, as we are in the planning process for RDPSD 2016, we are revisiting this feedback.

In this post, read about our first year challenges and with it the exciting changes coming to Red Dress Party San Diego 2016:

Honey, you looked hot in that dress!

When we selected the San Diego Museum of Man as our venue, we were assured that the lack of air conditioning wouldn’t be a problem. Well, due to the combination of filling the space to maximum capacity, the ample lighting/sound components, and having an unseasonably warm day, it got hot! Everyone seemed to take it in stride, but with heat as our number one complaint, this year’s venue will have air conditioning.

The thirst was real!

We imagined that our attendees would like to drink, but we had no idea just how much. We took some precaution by adding one additional bar than normal but that clearly wasn’t enough. Now that we can gauge your love of alcohol, we can better plan for this year. For example: although we are increasing our size by about 50% this year, we expect to double the amount of bars, which should reduce lines, wait times, and frustration.

Communication is key!

At last year’s event, we wanted to ensure everyone felt welcome and part of the party — this included ensuring our team could communicate in variety of languages; from Spanish to Russian to Japanese — we were covered. We also had a volunteer who knew ASL. But unfortunately, it wasn’t to the level of our guests’ (and our) liking. Therefore, this year we are committing to hiring a professional ASL Interpreter.

Wear Red, Give Green!

We had several guests mention that they would have liked to have made a donation at the Red Dress Party San Diego. Although we were prepared to receive donations at the Information Desk, it seems it wasn’t made clear. So this year, we will ensure to make an announcement, have proper signage, etc. And to that point, if you’d like to make a donation now, click the donate button below to make a secure donation via PayPal.

Lastly, if you have any other comments/feedback that you would like considered, send us a message via website contact form on the homepage OR send us a direct message on Facebook (Note: we’ve closed comments on our blog due to being inundated with spam.)