$20,000 Donation Raised at 2016 Event


We are excited to announce that WE HIT OUR GOAL this year and will be making a $20,000 donation to our beneficiary, San Diego HIV Funding Collaborative!

This is certainly exciting for all of us at Think Red Project, the presenters of Red Dress Party San Diego, for two reasons: 1) our goal this year was pretty aggressive at 2.5x bigger than last year’s and 2) we based our goal on selling out the event, which we actually didn’t do, but thanks to our generous sponsors (full list here) and the generosity of individuals who made donations, we were able to achieve our goal anyway.

Red Dress Party’s designated beneficiary — like last year — is the San Diego HIV Funding Collaborative (SDHFC). This collaborative fund was created in 1990 with the mission to reduce the effects and mitigate the impact of HIV and AIDS on the San Diego community through fostering private, grassroots cooperation, collaboration and fundraising.

501(c)(3) organizations that serve the San Diego HIV/AIDS community can apply for grants issued by SDHFC — organizations like Mama’s Kitchen, which serves the nutritional needs of those affected by AIDS, and Christie’s Place, a support services and advocacy group for women and families affected by HIV. To read more about SDHFC and where the donated dollars go, check out our About Page.

The Think Red Project’s mission is to raise funds and awareness for local organizations that serve the HIV/AIDS community, so of course this donation is definitely the “funds” part of our mission, but the other metric of success we have is “awareness” and we measure this with attendees/ticket sales and overall reach. To this, our final count for ticket holders was 661 (but actual attendance was around 600 though), so It’s safe to say that, especially compared to last year, this year’s Red Dress Party was a complete success.

What’s even more exciting is this contribution is likely all “new” money; meaning, we believe this donation isn’t taking away from other philanthropic activities. The part-fun-part-fundraising appeal of Red Dress Party San Diego is adding money to the San Diego HIV Funding Collaborate that wouldn’t have been donated otherwise.

Also, just like last year, none of our board members, executives or volunteers are paid — everyone gives their time and talent to this cause as a labor of love. The costs incurred are purely for business expenses and event production plus anything related to it.

Finally, even though we hit our goal, we are still taking donations to help make an impact in the San Diego HIV/AIDS community. If you had a great time ad Red Dress Party San Diego 2016 and want to continue to support our cause, consider donating today. $5, $10, $50 — doesn’t matter — any and all contributions help.