Our Team

Board of Directors

Nathan Mohle

Board Member

Design & Creative

Events & Fundraising

Steven Shyne


Chief Executive Officer

Marketing & Events

Marvin Hanashiro


Chief Operations Officer

HIV/AIDS Activist

Vince Dwyer

Board Member

Marketing & Events

Nightlife Liaison

Alicia Cafarelli

Board Member

Community Management

Marketing & Events

Alex Roller

Board Member

Non-Profit Management

Events Management

Extended Team

A group of professionals who are proud to volunteer their time, services and support for a good cause.

Nicole Correa, Bookkeeping & Accounting
Jedd Davis, Marketing & Events
Allan McGavin, Videography & Promotion
Ian Morton, Events & Fundraising
Nick Pasculli, Donations & Event Support

Lukas Volk, Events & Marketing
Maureen Wattelet, Events & Promotion